Developed from scratch decentralized and fast blockchain platform, which is capable to process from 1000 up to 1 000 000 TPS and above, utilizing Multi Sharding Technology, based on Eco POW consensus (eco-friendly mining) to create truly decentralized (hosted on the blockchain) DApps on JavaScript. Infinite scalability with super interoperability, web 3.0 with services inside NFTs, сutting edge technologies, specifications and zero transaction fees.


Meet Our Best And
Unique Features


WEB 3.0

Services inside NFTs and hosting on blockchain


Infinite Scalability

Bandwidth of the network can reach
1 000 000 TPS and above


ECO Friendly

True decentralization on POM consensus without environmental impact

The Future of Internet

WEB 3.0

Unique ACTION NFT Technology allows to place DApps inside an NFT or make NFTs to interact with each other.

True DApps on JavaScript that are hosted on the blockchain, don't require centralized hosting, can't be modified by third parties and executed on user's device.

No More Limits

Infinite Scalability

MultiSharding technology allows to easily and infinitely increase bandwidth of the network.

And Super Interoperability between shards allows to create single information space for all blockchains on our code.

Eco Friendly

POM Consensus

True decentralization on POW consensus without environmental impact

Unique mining algorithm that uses RAM to calculate the hash and CPU is used only 5-10% of the time. This solution saves energy and significantly reduces environmental impact.


The evolution of AMM services

Decentralization - all interaction algorithms with user and trades are placed in the blockchain. Unlike the dapps built on other platforms, Empera allows to place in the blockchain not only smart contracts, but also interface part of a dapp, that allows to create applications which do not depend on any centralized services.

Active liquidity - it is the one that works, i.e. used for trade. If the rate is significant will deflect and go beyond the line then it will not earn on commissions until the rate will return to the set interval. In this case, we expect that rational user will be move his liquidity after change of a price.

Concentrated liquidity. Unlike other Swaps operating according to AMM algorithm k = x * y, where liquidity is distributed to all range from 0 to infinity in EmperaSwap liquidity is set to the line that defines the user. For example, it can be range 0.99 to 1.01 for pair with stable coins. Thus liquidity is kind of concentrated on a specific line.

Price oracles. To use price parameters in other applications this dapp retains the weighted average history (by time) prices for the last 10 days with an interval of 3 hours. Using history gives ability to calculate price for any period within the last 10 days. Weighted average price approach allows you to determine the average price for any period if two weighted average prices are known - start and end of period.

Empera HUB

Secured cross-chain bridges.

Decentralized and secure protocol of exchange of coins and tokens between different blockchains.

Two-way bridges to blockchains such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain are already developed and tested.

Bridges are very conveniently implemented through the Metamask wallet.


Download our White Paper, Pitch Deck and One Pager.

White Paper
PoM consensus
Pitch Deck
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